Best Stabilizer for Fridge in India


Product Name : SDB-100


Keep your food supplies fresh with uninterrupted power supply. Syscom Fridge stabilizers is your ideal partner to your home appliances.

Capacity Input Voltage Range Output Range High Voltage Cutoff Frequency Installation application color
1.8 Amps 90 V to 270 V 200 V to 240 V from Input 110 V to 270 V 290 V Input (255 V output) 50 HZ Wall / Floor Mountable Refrigerator upto 310 ltr/ or equalent load of upto 1.8 Amps Metal / White
  • Micro Processor Controlled Circuit

    Programmable IC for Accurate Switching and long circuit Life.

  • Zero Cross Over Switching

    A technology were the arcing is minimal in the electromagnetic relays during the boosting and bucking operations.

  • Hi/Low Cutoff

    Keeps your connected equipment isolated from the mains when the input power is too high or low.

  • AutoRestart

    The unit automatically restarts when the main supply returns to safe voltage range.

  • Intelligent Time Delay

    This feature provides a Time Delay only when it is actually necessary.There is no initial Time Delay

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