Avoid the erratic power supply during summer with cost effective, energy efficient and reliable Syscom Fridge stabilizers. Choose from our range of products for better performance of Refridgerators.

Additional information

Input Voltage LCD (Optional)/Analog Voltmeter + LED Indicator
Output Voltage LCD (Optional/Analog Voltemeter + LED Indicator
Output Current/Load (Optional) LCD/Analog Meter
Ouptut Frequency (Optional) LCD/Analog Meter
Efficiency 97 %
Input Frequency 50 Hz ± 3 Hz
Waveform Sine wave or same as input (DG Compatitable)
Temperature 0 to 45 Degrees
Cooling Air/Oil Cooled
Noise Level < 50 db
Visual Indications Input, Output, Low Voltage and High Voltage, Over Load Trip (Optional)
Operating Mode Automatic
Duty Cycle Continuous
Servo Drive Motor AC Synchronous
Effect of load power Factor No Effect
Output Isolation Optional
Output Ultra Isolation Optional
Mobility Table Top or Caster Wheels


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