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In India, voltage fluctuations, power outages and power surges due to lighting, are all fairly common. This causes decline in productivity and longevity of devices at home. Prevention from damage in such instances will lead to decrease in the lifespan of appliances in the long run. Most appliances are affected by high voltage and low voltage issues. Overheating, reduced working performance, insulation damage, and even permanent failure of appliances are possible due to this. However, all worries about any such issues can be put to rest by investing in a stabilizer. Syscom offers stabilizers which are tailored to prolong the lives of your expensive appliances.

What are voltage stabilizers and how do they fix fluctuations? .

As the name suggest, voltage stabilizers stabilize the voltage. This means, when there is any change, major or minor, in the flow of current to the appliance, the stabilizer modifies the voltage so that it is within the range required. Electromagnetic regulators which activate autotransformers to regulate and bring the voltage to the required range are used. .

What are the most common household appliances that can benefit from stabilizers? .

Air conditioners, refrigerators, and televisions can all be fitted with stabilizers to enhance their working and prolong their lifespan. Syscom stabilizers have the perfect stabilizers, specific to the appliance, which accurately correct any voltage fluctuations.

Are stabilizers essential for modern day appliances? .

YES! Though several modern TV’s and Refrigerators claim to have in-built stabilizers, they are not fully protected from large ranges of voltage variation. They can only accommodate for minor infractions in voltage. Another aspect which makes investing in a stabilizer, the wise option, is surge protection. Sudden spikes in voltage, due to lightning and so on, can all be easily managed with no fear with regards to the working of the appliance.

We spend thousands of rupees on buying the latest in technology, with the most advanced features to get the best possible experience from the appliance. So, naturally, the first step would be to make sure the appliance is working in top form at all times and is free of any problems which could affect the performance and life span. This is easily done by accompanying your purchase with a small investment in a Syscom voltage stabilizer. By taking this small step, your appliances will thank you in the long run, as they will be safe and secure from any problems regarding voltage fluctuation. Syscom stabilizer are also small and uniquely designed, making them the perfect accompaniment to your a/c, fridge, TV and so on.

Don’t hesitate to protect and safeguard your valuable appliances with the perfect stabilizer. Make it simple, with the array of stabilizers for every purpose offered by Syscom stabilizers. Your appliances will be indebted forever. .